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Dave Whitlock SLF Pattern Blends Dave Whitlock's SLF Dubbing Blends Dubbing Box1 Dave Whitlock's SLF Dubbing Blends Dubbing Box2
Price: £2.60
Price: £20.79
Price: £20.79
Empty Dubbing Dispenser EZ Dubbing - Hare's Ear Frankie McPhillips CDC Dubbing Dispenser
Price: £5.99
Price: £5.19
Price: £36.39
Frankie McPhillips Irish Sparkle Dubbing Dispenser Hareline Dubbin Ice Dub Hareline Dubbin Quick Descent Dubbing Box
Price: £20.79
Price: £2.60
Price: £19.75
Natural Fur Dubbing Super Fine Easy Dub Veniards Genuine Seal Fur Dubbing Box 1
Price: £21.83
Price: £1.25
Price: £22.87
Veniards Genuine Seal Fur Dubbing Box 2 Wapsi Super Fine Water Proof Dry Fly Dubbing Box 1 Wapsi Super Fine Water Proof Dry Fly Dubbing Box 2
Price: £22.87
Price: £18.71
Price: £18.71

Fly Tying Dubbing & Material

You can create excellent looking dry and wet flies with our fly tying dubbing material. At Fly Tying Shop online, you can get both natural and synthetic dubbing material in a huge variety of colours. Use our dubbing materials to add to your fly tying hooks in order to complete the body of your fly. If you’re a fly tying professional or avid fly tier, think about buying a complete fly tying dubbing kit (like our Semperfli Professional Dubbing System that includes a plethora of dubbing colours to use to match the hatch perfectly in your unique flies. You can buy with confidence at the Fly Tying Shop – we stock only fly tying material we’ve tried & approve, from trusted brands like Hareline, Veniard, Semperfli, Hemmingway and more.

Natural Fly Tying Dubbing Material

Natural dubbing material is made from rabbit fur, squirrel fur, seals fur, hare fur and more. Dubbing from each animal have a different texture and ease of use, so chose your perfect dubbing depending on the type of flies you’ll be tying.  Some points to consider about natural fly tying dubbing:

  • Best for wet patterns as it tends to absorb water unless treated with a floatant
  • Different length fibres within the dubbing (synthetic dubbing tends to have an even length of fibres) so making the natural dubbing look more 'buggy'.
  • Some of the soft furs such as rabbit are the easiest to dub.
  • Move well underwater

Synthetic Fly Tying Dubbing Material

If you’re certain you want synthetic dubbing material, browse the Davy Wooton & Oliver Edwards SLF dubbing cube! The SLF dubbing box is a great deal – under £20 with well over 30 varieties of dubbing colours!  Points to consider about synthetic dubbing material:

  • Cheaper than natural dubbings
  • More consistent than natural dubbing material
  • Super fine synthetics are best for dry flies as they have a strong water resistance
  • Has a 'sparkle' not found in natural materials - and can be mixed with natural dubbing material