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Stonefly Fly Tying Kit Mighty Bright Vusion 2 Fly Tying Lamp & Magnifying Lens Rite Bobbin Half Hitch Bobbin Holder
Price: £44.99
Price: £29.99
Price: £29.95
Mighty Bright Vusion 2 Fly Tying Lamp & Magnifying Lens.  A superb portable and efficient light for fly tying. Rite Bobbin Half Hitch Ceramic Bobbin Holder
Rite Bobbin CerMag Ceramic Bobbin Holder Mighty Bright 'Vusion' Fly Tying Lamp & Magnifier Ken Newton Professional Ceramic Bobbin Holder
Price: £29.95
Price: £22.99
Price: £19.99
Rite Bobbin CerMag Ceramic Bobbin Holder
Mighty Bright XtraFlex 2 Fly Tying Lamp Hand Made Leather and Palm Wood Tool Lanyard Stonefly Fly Tying Scissors
Price: £15.99
Price: £13.00
Price: £12.99
TFT Large Storage Wallet For Fly Tying Materials Dr Paul's Tube Fly Needles Turrall Ceramic Bobbin Holder
Price: £10.40
Price: £7.80
Price: £7.49
Turrall Premium Turbo Dubbing Spinner Turbo Flame All Weather Lighter Turrall Super Slix Fine & Tough Point Fly Tying Scissor
Price: £7.49
Price: £7.28
Price: £7.27
Turrall Super Slix Fine Point Fly Tying Scissor Turrall Super Slix Arrow Point Fly Tying Scissor Stonefly Rotary Hackle Pliers
Price: £7.27
Price: £7.27
Price: £6.99
Turrall Wing Case Burners Empty Dubbing Dispenser Stonefly Fur Rake
Price: £6.76
Price: £5.99
Price: £5.99
Stonefly Bobbin Threader Stonefly Ring Hackle Pliers Stonefly Dubbing Spinner
Price: £5.99
Price: £5.99
Price: £5.99
Fly Tying Thinning Scissors Turrall Pro Satin Arrow Point Fly Tying Scissor Turrall Wing Cutters
Price: £5.20
Price: £5.19
Price: £4.99
Stonefly Hackle Guard Stonefly Dubbing Teaser TFT Waste Clippings Bag
Price: £4.99
Price: £4.99
Price: £4.68

Fly Tying Storage, Kits & Fly Tying Tools

For those little tools that allow you to tie sophisticated flies, browse our fly tying tools from top brands like Stonefly tools, C&F tools, Marryat, Fly Tying Shop, Mighty Bright and more.  For all inclusive fly tying kits, our Stonefly tools kit include dubbing needle, bobbin holder, whip finisher, bobbin threader, fur rake, hackle pliers, dubbing spinner and fly tying scissors.

Our fly tying kits contain all the high quality tools for a beginner or even more advanced fly tyer.For individual fly tying tools, browse around our huge selection of fly tying tools and scissors (perfect for every cutting requirement or detailed work when tying).

We offer budget-priced fly tying scissors and more expensive, but higher quality scissors.  Choose the best fly tying tools for your fly tying needs.

Our favourite suppliers, Stonefly, C&F, Ken Newton and Marryat always deliver excellent if not the best quality fly tying tools.  The Stonefly Fly Tying Light & Magnifying Lens is a top seller and a must-have for truly avid fly tyers. The large magnifying lens and multiple LED lights allows you to focus on detail of your flies and in our experience, lasts for countless hours.  From a professional perspective, it’s truly one of the most useful fly tying tools around.  If you’re a beginner, buying your first fly tying tools or trying out our fly tying kits or even an experienced fly tyer with questions, give us a call!

We’re happy to provide thoughtful, detailed explanation and fly tying instructions over the phone.  In these pages are storage solutions for both you fly tying tools and also your fly tying materials.  We’ve also set up a Skype account to allow us to give “hands on” fly tying instructions about using our materials.  At the Fly Tying Shop, customer satisfaction is our goal and we look forward to helping you with all your fly tying needs