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Crow Wings - True Pair Jackdaw Wings - True Pair English Partridge Tail
Price: £4.15
Price: £4.15
Price: £4.15
English Partridge Wings Jay Wings - True Pair Male (Cock) Pheasant Full Skin
Price: £4.42
Price: £7.02
Price: £23.99
Female (Hen) Pheasant Full Skin English Partridge A Grade Full Skin Male Reeves Pheasant Full Skin
Price: £23.99
Price: £26.00
Price: £31.20
Lady Amherst Pheasant Full Skin Jungle Cock Cape Silver Pheasant Full Skin
Price: £31.20
Price: £45.00
Price: £46.80
Jungle Cock Cape
Humes Pheasant Full Skin Temminck's Tragopan Male Pheasant Full Skin
Price: £52.00
Price: £100.00

Fly Tying Wings & Whole Bird Skins

For a fantastic selection of whole bird skins and true pairs of fly tying wings, Fly Tying Shop is your answer. We stock extremely affordable wings and bird skins that are truly high quality, great choices to use in your fly tying patterns. Finding and drying your own bird skins can be a tedious task, so shop our selections – our bird skins and fly tying wings are ready for use in your flies…. No drying, de-bugging or other hassle!

Hen & Cock Capes

Cock and hen capes are both used in tying flies, cock capes more commonly used for dry flies and hen capes for wet flies. If you’re looking for authentic, high quality feathers, we have a vast selection.  We have the highest quality Indian capes available and also we have genetic capes from around the globe.  Whatever your budget or whatever your need is we have a cape to suit.

Browse our fly tying wings, all of which are considered “true pairs.” This means that both wings were removed from the same bird. One of our most popular wings are the jay wings, featuring gorgeous and bold contrasting colours. The jay wings contain great blue jay feathers for tying traditional wet flies and also more modern Irish flies.