Fly Tying Shop is owned and run by Dr Paul Davis and his wife Donna Havard.  Paul is a fanatical fly tyer and fly fisherman and Donna is the business 'brains'.  Paul has been fishing nearly all his life and has been a 'fly only' fisherman for the last 10 years or so.  He has an incredible depth of knowledge about fly tying and fly fishing.  He is particularly knowledgable the about science and natural history of fly tying materials (he has a Ph.D. in the science of feathers) and is frequently asked to talk about this subject at fly tying clubs and shows, and also writes articles on these subjects.
As well as being knowledgable about the theory behind fly tying, Paul is an accomplished fly tyer in his own right and is regularly invited to demonstrate fly tying at international fly fairs, clubs and shows.
Paul has also won international fly tying competitions and particularly enjoys tying salmon flies and north country spider patterns.
The Fly Dressers' Guild (FDG) taught him how to tie flies and because of this he is a big supporter of the Guild.  FDG members always get a discount of 10% on fly tying materials bought through this website.
This website grew from him sourcing high quality materials for his own needs (for his own use and also for his other business of commercially tying flies for other people). Paul is a strong believer in using and selling only the best materials, or as he puts it, "There is no room for rubbish on this website" - we hope you agree!

Fly Tying Shop is a division of the company - Follow The Leader (Sporting)