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Fly Tying Fur, Pelts & Hair

Look through the Fly Tying Shop’s huge selection of fly fur, hair and pelts to help your tie your patterns.

Hare’s Ear

Use our hare mask, complete with hare’s ear – a vital fly fur for flies that require hare’s ear dubbing. Easily apply this mask with hare’s ear to dub and make a realistic gold ribbed hare's ear fly.

Moose Hair

Fly Tying Shop carries elk and moose hair, at the lowest prices we can offer for such high quality. All of our elk and moose hair have been personally tested and approved by us – we only stock fly tying supplies that we use as professional fly tyers. Elk hair has tougher strands than standard deer hair, which makes for a great fly hair in caddis, sedge and dry patterns.

Deer Hair

If you’re looking for reindeer (caribou) or deer hair for your tying patterns, we carry high quality selections. For your personal fly tying needs, we can select the reindeer hair to suit your needs. Choose from either a dark coloured patch or a light coloured patch, both patches are a generous selection of hair – 5cm by 5cm in size. We can also completely customize our deer hair by dying it into a wide variety of colours. Don’t worry about the dyes affecting the integrity of the deer hair, we use a special dye process to avoid damaging the fibres.

Squirrel Tail

Get a full, long hair squirrel tail online to use in your fly tying patterns. If you need a red squirrel tail substitute, our bleached squirrel tail does the job. You can also personally dye that squirrel tail (or we can do it for you) to fit the colour you need for your patterns.

Browse around the rest of our high quality fly fur and hair options, we fully stand behind each item on our website and can personally guarantee its quality. If you have questions about fly tying in general or any of our fly tying materials, contact Fly Tying Shop and we’re happy to help!