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Fly Tying Feathers and Hackle Feathers from the Best Quality Fly Tying Brands

Shop for all your fly tying needs online at the UK-based Fly Tying Shop. We spend hours individually grading and trying out all of our fly tying feathers, so we have a deep and thorough understanding of how each fly tying feather works. We only stock high quality fly tying feathers that we, as professional fly tyers, trust and like. Some of the birds we get fly tying & hackle feathers from include:

  • Peacock, Ostrich & Guinea Fowl Feathers
  • Coq de Leon Feathers
  • Duck & Goose Feathers
  • Marabou & Turkey Feathers
  • Pheasants Feathers
  • Cock & Hen Feathers
  • Jay, Magpie & Crows Feathers
  • Partridge & Quail Feathers
  • Waterfowl – Moorhen & Coot Feathers
  • Parrot & Cockatoo Feathers

The quality brands we use to stock our fine fly tying feathers include:

  • The Fly Tying Shop: As avid fly tyers ourselves, we take pride in developing our own fly tying feathers in a variety of bird feathers and colors. Our hackle feathers are uniquely dealt with to ensure unequalled excellence.
  • Turrall: A name synonymous with unparalleled quality, buy fly tying feathers from Turrall for long lasting, beautiful feathers.
  • Veniard: Veniards fly tying materials are a trusted name in the fly tying world because of their superior quality and huge selection. We aim to achieve a robust supply of Veniards fly tying materials that have proven consistent and quality in our own fly tying.
  • Hareline Dubbin: Hareline Dubbin itself does not sell to the public, but only to licensed retailers – like the us - The Fly Tying Shop here in the UK. If you know you enjoy Hareline Dubbin products, check out our stock of quality Hareline Dubbin feathers and other materials.