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Fly Tying & Fly Fishing NYMPHS & BUGS
Fly Tying & Fly Fishing NYMPHS & BUGS

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Lots of the food eaten by river and lake trout is taken from beneath the water surface: shrimps, snails, larvae and nymphs from the bottom and fully grown nymphs and pupae rising to hatch at the surface. Some imitations of the subsurface life are very ancient yet still very effective: the spider wet flies. Malcolm Greenhaigh ties a "cast of three" for us. He also demonstrates the tying of other more modern patterns that can be adapted, by changing size and colour, to match a wide range of aquatic nymphs and bugs. Additionally we look at methods of presenting these effectively in lake and river.
Note for the nymph fisher: two other volumes in this series include volumes in this series include some of the nymph and bug tyings:
Approximate Running Time - 95 mins

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