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Fly Tying Equipment: Foam, Body Tubing & More!

Fly Tying Synthetics – Insect Wings, Yarn & Body Tubing

Our insect wings are tough, realistic-looking wings that can be easily shaped with a wing burner to work on flies. Incorporate insect wings into your dry flies to truly resemble bugs.

We also stock a beautiful array of multi-coloured fly tying yarn and body tubing. Use our body tubing for flies intended to imitate bait fish. Our colourful body tubing, when woven properly, mimics scales so you can easily tie a trout-enticing pattern.

Fly Tying Foam

Get our multi-coloured foam pack for only £4; this foam pack includes 10 sheets, each a different colour for you to use in fly tying. It is also available in two thickness.  You can use fly tying foam sheets to create beetle carapaces or any other foam flies. On top of foam sheets, we also have foam cylinders and Booby eyes to use in a variety of applications.

Thingamabobbers & Unibobbers

Make your flies unsinikable with these unibobbers, tie them in to dry flies to add visibility and buoyancy. For indicators on your leader our pack of thingamabobbers are the best.  Thingamaboobers come in 5 different colours, all which fly through the air easily in all types of weather. These thingamabobbers won’t sink!

No matter what fly tying equipment you need, shop online at UK’s Fly Tying Shop. As professional fly tyers, we test and approve of each and every one of the 5,000+ pieces of fly tying equipment we stock. If you have any questions about which product to use or how to use them, give us a call at 01273 252504.