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Fly Tying Lure Supplies – Fly Tying Fritz, Chenille & Tinsel

Buy your fly tying materials online from the Fly Tying Shop! We have everything for amateur, advanced and professional fly tyers to achieve any patterns or knots. On top of our huge range of supplies, we also strive to offer unparalleled customer service and consider ourselves as an one stop shop for fly tying advice – we’re available via phone or e-mail as well as have a Skype account to help advise through video chat! Please feel free to contact us for information and return back to our site to see our materials! Comment on and review our products, to help other fly tyers make the right decisions in their purchases.  

Fly Tying Chenille

Fly tying chenille is a dense material, threaded with fibres dyed in a variety of colours. Use fly tying chenille for neat nymphs and in classic fly fishing lures. The great news about our chenille options is that they come with a generous amount in each packet, and of course, you can choose from a vast array of chenille colours.

Fly Tying Fritz

Buy fly tying fritz to use in your blobs and modern fly fishing lures. We carry fritz (also known as Cactus Chenille) in a multitude of hues, so you can tie your blobs and lures in any colour you desire. Simply choose the colour of your fly tying fritz before checkout and you’re set to begin tying!