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Fly Tying Hooks – Quality Salmon, Trout & More Hooks

Shop for the finest fly tying hooks around online at Fly Tying Shop, where we’re proud to boast only the top, consistent performance brands in the industry. For your fly tying hooks, we carry:

  • Charles Jardine Hooks: A leader in the industry, Charles Jardine delivers quality dry fly hooks, wet fly hooks, grayling and saltwater hooks for a variety of purposes. If you already know Charles Jardine hooks, browse our huge selection of his fly hooks – most packets come with 25 fly tying hooks. If you don't know them be amazed at their quality and consistency and what many tyers call the best hooks on the planet.
  • Kamasan Hooks: Kamasan produces traditional trout hooks as well as buzzer/shrimp hooks. They carry a range of sizes to suit the fly tying pattern you need.
  • Owner Hooks: Yet another top fly tying hook brand we love, Owner hooks carry (in our opinion) the best saltwater or predator hooks.
  • Drennan Hooks: Drennan hooks are much loved by competition anglers but have been very difficult to find recently - we stock all the patterns and styles that are still available (which is nearly all of them).
  • Partridge Hooks: If you’re looking for the biggest variety in sizes, shapes and patterns, partridge hooks are for you. With such a huge range of partridge hooks, you can always find the right hook that fits your fly tying pattern and fishing needs.
  • Varivas Hooks: For wet or dry fly fishing hooks, Varivas offers another good selection at affordable prices. Fly tyers rave about their 2200 curved hook that delivers great performance.
  • Hanak Barbless Hooks: From the Czech Republic - the best barbless hooks bar none. Perfect for river fishing patterns designed by international river fishing champions.  Also great for tying barbless stillwater patterns too.
  • Fly Tying Shop Hooks: We’ve crafted our own line of fly tying hooks that work perfectly if you’re trying to achieve a saltwater or predator pattern.

We’ll already have in stock Grip, Sakuma & Hanak hooks; so give us a call if you’re seeking Hanak, Sakuma or Grip hooks or any other popular fly tying brand names, we’re aiming to get these products online soon!