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Fly Tying Saddles, Hackles & Capes – UK

Browse The Fly Tying Shop’s vast and quality selection of the finest fly tying capes & saddles from trusted and reliable brands. We carry beautiful dry fly capes in a variety of colors and grades including really premium fly tying capes. Genetic capes in particular boast a myriad of hackles, with dense and long feathers you can use to tie your flies with. Some of the genetic capes we carry are out of stock online elsewhere, so purchase now to ensure you never have to tie your flies without your favorite capes.

In addition to fly tying cape, we carry the coveted fly tying saddles from Genetic stock, Indian stock, Metz, Whiting, Keough, Collins and more. We’re working on re-stocking our supply of Genetic saddles – so check back in to see the new supply. Fly tying saddles contain feathers that come from the back and tail of the bird; whereas the feathers on a fly tying cape come from the neck and are typically shorter. For your individual fly tying purpose, choose either capes or saddles.

The fly tying saddles and capes we stock perform and deliver consistently. They’re are quality materials from the best producers and are consistent time after time; many of our own named capes and saddles compare very well to the highly sought after US brands Whiting & Metz… ours are sourced in the UK for UK fly tying aficionados.