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Fresh & Saltwater Fly Tying Supplies – Fly Tying Tube, Beads & More

Increase your catches when fly fishing by incorporating these low-priced fly tying beads and fly tying eyes onto your flies. Many of our fly tying eyes are self-adhesive and come in a variety of colours and styles.

Fly Tying Tube

Tube flies are the way to create heavier or bigger flies - especially for salmon fishing. By tying on tubes you can easily replace a damaged hook (as the hooks sits snugly in the back of the tube) without losing the fly you have tied. Fly Tying Shop carries a huge range of tubes and accessories including Stonfo kits & Tungsten fly tying tubes.

Fly Tying Beads – including Tungsten Bead Options

Shop for our high quality fly tying beads, coming in an huge array of sizes and colours! Choose a Tungsten bead in virtually any colour of the rainbow – all of these fly tying beads have a countersunk hole so your threading them on your fly is easy. Chose tungsten beads when you want to get down quickly, choose brass beads for more general patterns.

Whether you’re looking for a retailer for your fresh or saltwater fly tying need or just general fly tying materials, Fly Tying Shop has something to suit you! We carry a great selection of fly tying feathers, fly tying furs and pelts and more! Browse now, or contact us if you have further questions – we love to advise and help you chose the right fly tying supplies for your needs!