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Beeswax Black Beeswax Fly Head Cement
Price: £1.50
Price: £1.56
Price: £2.03
Beeswax, Natural, Purified, Unpurified, Dyed Black, Cobblers Wax
UV Fly Head Cement Veniard Cellire Super Quality Varnish Varnish Applicator Bottle
Price: £2.03
Price: £3.11
Price: £3.90
Neon Fabric Paints Glitter Glue Watershed - Permanent Dry Fly Waterproofing
Price: £5.19
Price: £5.19
Price: £5.99
Cobblers Wax Loon Hard Head Cement Anglin' Glue - Superglue
Price: £6.99
Price: £7.80
Price: £7.80
Genuine Cobbler's Wax Cobblers Wax
Fly Bond UV Torch Fly Bond 10ml Bottle Fly Bond Kit (10ml Fly Bond & UV Torch)
Price: £10.40
Price: £12.48
Price: £21.84

Fly Tying Wax, Varnish, Letraset ProMarkers & Pens

As a premier online retailer for fly tying supplies, the Fly Tying Shop works to be your one-stop-shop for all fly tying related needs. We're continue to grow our inventory of more than 5,000 tested and proven fly tying materials on a daily basis. From fly tying fur, capes & saddles to fly tying vice, we have you covered. We also know how important fly tying wax, varnish, glues, fly bond & the proper paint pens are in making great flies – this is where you can find all the little things to perfect your flies and patterns.

Fly Tying Wax & Varnish

Our beeswax dubbing wax is the perfect beeswax to use when dubbing or waxing silks. Unpurified beeswax dubbing wax will darken the colour of your threads whereas purified fly tying wax will not. We also sell other dubbing wax recipes and we stock the best from around the globe.

Letraset ProMarker’s Pens & Fabric Paint Pens

Use fabric paint pens and Letraset ProMarker pens, to paint eyes on flies, colour materials or just add a little something to your realistic flies or use it to really help you set your normal flies apart. We stock online a huge variety of coloured fabric paint pens and permanent marker pens to use on your fly patterns; feel free to browse around and choose the set that’s right for you.

Fly Bond & Fly Head Cement

Use fly head cement or our own UV setting epoxy - fly bond - to prolong your flies’ lifetime and give them increased durability. We stock a few varieties glue including our own brand UV resin called fly bond and also head cements and varnishes for you to use in fly tying – we consider them “tough as old boots”! Use fly bond UV epoxy resin for flies that need a bond to set quickly – our fly bond dries in seconds, not hours when using our special UV light.

If you have any questions regarding which fly tying product is right for you – whether you need fly tying varnish, wax, glue, UV resin or all of them…. Give us a call at 01273 252504. We’re fly tying professionals and love helping beginner and advanced fly tyers alike!