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Fly Tying Wire, Floss & Thread for Tying Fly Fishing Knots & Patterns

Shop online at Fly Tying Shop – a one-stop shop for all your fly tying materials, including fly tying feathers and fly tying capes & saddles. We carry:

Fly Tying Floss

Browse our vast and colourful selection of fly tying floss, with single strand non-twisted fly tying floss that works perfectly for those tying flies that need smooth floss bodies. Choose fly tying floss in black, brown, chartreuse, light olive, olive, orange, wine and yellow.

Fly Tying Wire

Look through our collection of standard fly tying wire – from copper, gold and lead fly tying wire to tungsten wire, Fly Tying Shop has a lot to choose from! If you need help deciding which of the various fly tying wire choices is right for your fly tying needs, email us or call us at 01273 252504. As avid and professional fly tyers, we not only love discussing the pros and cons to various fly tying materials, but we’re happy to help you choose what’s right for you!

Fly Tying Thread

Use our fly tying thread in your fly tying and fly patterns. We carry a big selection of fly tying thread in a rainbow of colors to match your needs and to 'match the hatch'. Whether you’re seeking fluorescent fly tying thread (in our opinion, superb for saltwater, pike and salmon flies) or ultra-thin thread for specific patterns, we’ve got it all!