10% Discount each and every time you shop with flytyingshop.co.uk
Sounds too good to be true?  In fact it is very easy to qualify for this discount.
To gain this 10% discount you only have to be a fully paid up member of the Fly Dressers' Guild and have registered your details on our site.
To Register or login to Fly Tying Shop please click here.
When you have done this, and we have verified that you are a current FDG member, you will be sent a discount code which you should enter at the time you checkout.
The reason we offer members of the Fly Dressers' Guild this discount is we are a trade member of the organisation because we are passionate about what the Fly Dressers' Guild stands for and does namely it is the worldwide organisation for promoting and developing the art of fly tying.
It costs £18 per year and when you join the Fly Dressers' Guild you get
  • Flydresser Magazine. - The Flydresser magazine is a full colour quarterly magazine with lots of articles about fly dressing and fly tying
  • Insurance.  Members are covered by an insurance policy giving them £5 Million pounds of public liablility insurance.
  • Trade Discounts.  Members enjoy a 10% discount on orders from www.flytyingshop.co.uk and our other trade members.
  • Fishing Competitions and Outings.  The Guild organises national fishing competitions and fishing outings which only members can enter.
  • Tying Competitions.  The Guild organises a yearly fly tying competition with prizes for various levels and style of fly.
  • Big Fish Trophies.  Only members can enter our big fish trophies.
  • Exclusive On-line content.  Members have access to exclusive on-line web content such as the pattern library and articles.
  • Access to the national network of branches.  Members of the guild can join a local branch.
  • Accreditation.  The guild organises an accreditation scheme with several level.  Members can enter the scheme and receive a nationally recognised award for their fly tying. 
To join the Fly Dressers' Guild please go to www.flydressersguild.org