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We offer a service of tying custom flies. If you have a pattern or fly that you would like tied please contact us. We offer a personalized tying service and no job or request is too small.

We tie the flies to the highest standard possible and have a rigorous quality control process ensuring only perfect flies are sent out.

We use the best quality materials in our flies (most of these materials are here on the website for sale) and we will use any materials or hooks that you specify for your flies.

Having custom tied flies isn't expensive - flies start at £1 and go up to £4 for double and treble hooked salmon flies.

We can also tie framed presentation flies such as classic built wing salmon flies, or for that matter anything that you may want.

Please send us an e-mail (including your phone number) if you would like to take advantage of this service and we will call you to fully discuss your requirements.