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Coq De Leon Feathers
Coq De Leon Feathers

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Coq de Leon:

Coq de Leon (Los Gallos de Leon)
Coq de Leon hackles come from a strain of cockerels that have been perfected by a group of breeders who live near the town of Leon in the Asturias region of north eastern Spain.
The breeders are small farmers with flocks of some twenty to fifty birds, competition is very fierce to see who can produce the best feathers.  The qualities they are seeking are colour, stiffness and a glassy sheen to the hackles.  There are no other hackles like them in the world.
The best hackles come from the rump of the bird and are called Rinonada - they are then divided into two groups:
Los Gallos De Leon, Indios - Plain Colours
Los Gallos De Leon Pardos - Mottled Colours
Here we have been able to get Pardos & Indios feathers there are 10 to 12 feathers per packet (double what other companies have in their packets for the same price!).

There are 3 grades of feathers - we only stock the premier grade (the best).

Coq de Leon hackles are prized by fly tyers all over the world for their unique colours and glossy sheen.  They are used for hackles, wings and tails of trout flies.  The Spanish way of tying a wet fly hackle is to cut the hackle into three equal lengths to make three flies.  They then tie and wind in the hackle in the normal way, then set the hackle in a low rake angle extending over the full length of the fly.
Wings are tied in the same way, cut the hackle into three equal lengths, fold with the glossy side uppermost and tie in the hackle fibre wing.  In recent time the feathers are used as tails on CdC patterns - tails are tied in the same the world over!

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