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Charles Jardine's Nickel Streamer and Long Shank Nymph Hooks


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Charles says:
Whilst this hook is designed primarily for streamers it works wonderfully for those big bugs that we often have to imitate such as damsels and dragonfly nymphs.  In the smaller sizes they work well for still water nymphs and in the silver/nickel design you have what so many have asked for, a specific fry/small bait fish hook.  But don't overlook for the odd damsel nymph pattern!  Yours Charles Jardine
We say:
A hook design that you would expect from one of the best fly tyers in the world. Made by a factory in Japan (not cheap rubbish from China) they makes hooks for no other brand.  We think these are the best hooks on the planet, they are stronger than other brands and are perfectly tempered (i.e won't straighten on aggressive takes), they are very sharp and they are perfectly designed for their particular task.  We use them to tie our flies for customers - we've not had a complaint so far!
Japanese Made, Chemically Sharpened, 3X Long Shank, Nickel finish.
25 hooks per packet

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